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Something in the Way

Life gets in the way. It does. So many times I wish for a bubble to be able to think, or at least manage to put 2 and 2 together, without it becoming 5. 

But then again this bubble utopia I wish and long for does not truly exist, even if it did -- would it make it easier to work in this uninterrupted world? I find that in most cases though, as a tell my active 7y, silence is golden, it's sometimes (ok most times) paralyzing. That the "noise" generated by the things around me, hold in them the true grain of creativity. When I'm presented with a "blank" canvas space, where there is nothing to bounces off thoughts from, is when it really gets tricky. 

The challenge is, most commerical spaces are like that, blank, nothing bouncing off right at me. Which is hard, very hard to come up with a narrative or meaning, if you will, for these spaces. So how does one marry love, passion, and creativity into spaces that obviously need the most attention? It becomes a journey of looking into how to amplify some of the hidden "noises", create meaning. The average American office interior spaces and their design are almost always neglected, and over the years they have been left at the hands of cost per SQFT demands, business cooperations, market trends, real estate forces, furniture manufacturers, and various management theories - but almost never at the hands of the end user - the "average" office worker.

In his book “The European office” Juriaan van Meel proclaims “Office buildings (...) are perhaps the most important building types of the 20th century… They dominate the contemporary city and accommodate more than half the working population in the Western world”.

That to me is mind blowing information - more than half of the working population in the Western world!!! Which on average spend 47 hours a week in these buildings, which is more hours spent sleeping a week, or almost three times more hours spent with immediate family. 

So whenever I walk into a blank space, I keep that piece of information in the back of my mind, because so much time spent in such neglected spaces affect not only the person using them, but society as a whole, it should get in the way, because life gets in the way. 


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