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Bench (mark)*

An urban scape is a great testing ground for people watching and human behaviors. One of the nicest features in open public spaces are in my view benches. I always had an affinity with benches, something about the semi-public way of seating has a lot to be discussed about.Tel-Aviv, posses one of the finest urban scape I have had the privilege to live in, and visit frequently.

What I find most intriguing is the placement of benches, some are placed directly in front of the best ocean views, some face elevator doors, or uninteresting high traffic roadways.

Benches are perfect for defining public areas, an accurate placement of a bench can make or break a public zone.

Benches are places for human interaction, points of pivot, and moments of pause. They are perfect as  destination markers for you to get to. Some are majestic, artistic and FUN.

I find benches to be a social-democratic piece of furniture

that guide you through space, allow who ever wants to sit on, to enjoy it together with another person, or alone.


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