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Design Made Easy

I'll admit, I'm a little obsessive when it comes to making lists. You name it - I'll list it!

But nothing beats the lists one makes ahead of a New-Year, these small promises of;  'I'll go to the gym more often, I'll be better about saving for retirement'.

This year one thing high on my list is helping people re-imagine their home and offices.

Here is your easy design 'to-do' list for 2015:

1.Location, Location, Location- What is good for home buying, is even better for your furniture pieces! Remember the day you moved into your house, all the boxes were everywhere, and you just couldn't even think about how the sofa or arm chair would look like in the room? So your kind mover just put the sofa there, and it stayed there ever since. Do yourself a favor, just tilt that arm chair in a 45 degree angle away from that coffee table, just for a day, see how it works.

2.Light- Much has been written about the importance of lighting, yet we seem to over look the effect light on our mood. It's pretty easy, no need for expensive lighting fixtures. A simple light bulb change from brightdaylight, towarm white, can often do the trick. Even just lighting a candle at the dinner table.

3.Art- We are afraid of buying art. It seems like something only people with money, or artistic family members (i.e. my talented brother), have art on their walls. In order to buy art, you need to better understand what you like. Notice, I saidLIKE. What's great about art, there is no wrong or right - ifYOUlike it, most likely it will go well with other things in your home. Don't fear it, just hang it up, you can always take it off.

4.Color- Pick a wall any wall, living room, bathroom, closet. Just paint it. You can even start with a small bookcase, or that tired side table. Feel the impact color has on you. Let go of the fear of color, try to go bold. Give yourself a small gift of color.

5.Purge- Let's be honest, we all make mistakes. I for one bought the most uncomfortable, unsuitable, very un-like us sofa in the world. It was leather, it was tufted, it was the biggest elephant in the room. My husband and I both quietly, yet separately, resented that sofa. We dared not talk about it, it was of a very good make, it was expensive, it became the bane of our living room. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was binge purging everything. From the 300IKEAshelving units, to my street "finds" We donated, sold, and put on the side walk more things than I care to mention. But nothing gave us greater relief then selling THAT sofa. We ended up getting the sofa we knew fit our lifestyle best. Same as with clothes, don't be a trend victim, go with what suits your lifestyle, I assure you all the other pieces will fall into place.

See?  Pretty simple.

What's on your list this year?


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