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Happy N(ew)Box Year!

Crunch time, almost 2015 o'clock. 

Seems like these days we have very little time (attention span?). We need to"like"/"share"/"post". How is this effecting our design environments? I'm not too sure…

As 2014 draws into a close, and in the spirit of keeping it simple, I wanted to share NoBox Studio's top 5 design moments in 2014.

5.Favorite design trend- This year saw the return of texture and pattern, after many years of keeping it clean and stark, more and more clients of mine have been willing to explore adding some eclectic flair into their offices and homes.

4. Best "high end furniture on a shoe string budget" finds - It might come as a surprise but it seems has satisfied many of my clients for look, price, and extremely cheap shipping rates. 

3. Biggest office transformation- Nothing makes me more excited than walking intoblah offices, these blank canvas spaces allow a designer to play, and completely transform the space.  I was extremely honored whenIntiguiahad allowed me, for a second time, to help with their new expansion.

2.Most inspiring trip- As an ex-pat it seems that most of my travel time is used to visit family back home. This year I had the opportunity to travel to my favorite city -London!  Walking the streets I enjoyed one of the most vibrant places in the world. But what really caught me eye was the use of every single space. It's a big and crowded city, yet it manages to create small moments where you can pause and just look at books. 

1.Proudest moment- 2014 opened with an exciting phone call fromNew-England Homemagazine's Louis Postel, asking if I minded talking about my design. No doubt it was a good start for 2014 and I'm happy to say it has been a great 2014. I'm looking forward to 2015! 


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